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What is the difference between offset printing and digital printing?

Offset printing uses plates wrapped around drums, usually made from aluminum, which transfers an image onto a rubber “blanket” and then pressing that image onto a sheet of paper. The image is not pushed directly onto the paper but is offset by the use of the three rotating cylinders. That is the origin of the word as opposed to early methods of printing where the image was pressed DIRECTLY onto the paper. (Slow & expensive) Think Ben Franklin!

The process works simply on the principle that oil & water don’t mix. The image on the aluminum cylinder holds the oil-based ink but in the blank area’s water prevents it from adhering. When it transfers the image or words onto the rubber blanket, ONLY the image or words are then moved onto the paper.

In larger quantities, Offset printing is cheaper and faster than Digital. Images are high quality and with a variety of inks available outstanding results are possible. Unit prices decline based on volume. The more copies printed, the better the price per page.

Digital printing involves the use of toner (like in laser printers) or larger printers that do use actual liquid ink. Digital printing is best when lower quantities are needed. An additional benefit of digital printing is the ability to incorporate changeable data such as a code or a name & address. Computer-controlled files can be changed or merged easily as opposed to offset printing where once an image is set up and

Digital printing has the advantage for smaller print projects in that setup costs are less and therefore digital printing becomes the better choice for lower quantities. Higher volume jobs are better served using offset. Digital printing also allows flexibility in size that offset doesn’t. Using digital printing can print in a very large format, much larger than offset.

In today’s environment, name recognition is everything. TV ads are great EXCEPT with the use of DVRs, many people fast-forward right through commercials interrupting their favorite show. Today candidates engage in online marketing programs that are easy to scroll past and forget. Political Campaign printing can be much more cost-effective and impactful than these other methods of advertising.

The printing of campaign literature such as flyers, brochures and door hangers explaining your position is a much better use of campaign funds. We can provide personalized supplies including signs, large vinyl banners, and more with quick turn around time and at an affordable price point.

When running for office, you should present a positive image on every item that is sent out on your behalf.

Items we can print for your campaign include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Letterhead & Matching Envelopes
  • Palm Cards
  • Donation Envelopes
  • Yard Signs 
  • Banners
  • Business Cards 
  • Stickers
  • Flyers 
  • Postcards
  • Door-hangers
  • Campaign Shirts
  • Custom Buttons

And more!

Direct Mail Campaigns involve mailing a physical letter, package, or other item as part of a lead generating campaign. Campaigns can be aimed at potential consumers or existing business clients.

Potential customers are currently swamped with e-mail deals and promotions. The average person generally receives 120+ emails per day making it very difficult to single your company out and win a response. In contrast, 6 in 10 people enjoy checking their physical mail. It has an “emotional connection”; and there is the excitement of seeing if you got anything good.

It’s a rare occasion that anyone is as excited about incoming e-mail.

Allow our team at Image Plus Graphics to help you develop a viable revenue-generating Direct Mail Campaign.

People tend to love giveaways and freebies, especially when they are useful like pens, pads and keychains. That’s what promotional items are. Something a customer or potential customer can walk away with that has YOUR name on it. These items work well to build or increase brand awareness and to act as a reminder of your business with just a hint of generosity for the gift.

These items can range from:

  • Tee-shirts
  • Campaign buttons
  • Pens
  • Key chains
  • Mini flashlights
  • Coasters,
  • Mouse pads
  • and more!

These promo products serve to keep your company name in the forefront when a customer has a need.

Larger items such as coffee mugs, logo bags, and apparel have a higher cost and are often referred to as “swag”. Swag items usually contain more expensive gifts and gift cards that advertisers hope will generate revenue for their brand.

Image Plus Graphics can work with you to design a program incorporating Promotional Products and advise you on the best items to accomplish your goals. We can arrange a variety of items printed with your company name, your logo, your mission statement or text of your choice for giveaways, charity events, mailers, networking, conferences, and more.

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